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Reported By:| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Nov 25, 2021, 06:30 AM ISTWhatsApp has become a necessity for people across the globe, as users often use this messaging application as their primary form of communication. People use WhatsApp for all kinds of conversations daily, ranging from office work to personal relationships.What many people might not know is that WhatsApp now has a range of interesting new features and tricks which makes using the application more fun and handy for users. Check out the six features of WhatsApp you absolutely must try.Use WhatsApp without your primary phoneNow, you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices without having your primary phone in handy. This feature can be used by going to Settings and then selecting the Linked Devices option. You can link up to four devices to your WhatsApp including your desktop or laptop.

It must be noted that if the main device remains disconnected for over 14 days, the linked devices will be automatically logged out.Create personalized stickers on WhatsAppIf you enjoy using emojis and GIFs in your WhatsApp chats, you will love this feature. Now you can create customized stickers on WhatsApp. Click on the paperclip in your chat and then click on Sticker.
You can now upload a photo and create your very own stickers using the various options of cropping, adding a border, and many more.Use view-once mediaSimilar to Snapchat and Instagram, WhatsApp also offers the view-once media feature to its users now. Through this, you can send photos that will disappear after the person has viewed them once. The view-once media will not be saved to the persons gallery or internal storage.Download WhatsApp images on PCThe process of transferring media from your phone to your PC has become a million times easier now since you can download images from WhatsApp to your computer directly, without any hassles. You can just activate WhatsApp Web on your PC and right-click on the image in the chat you want to download.Turn on or turn off auto-downloadWhatsApp usually has the auto-download option turned on in your mobile phone, which automatically downloads all the files and media from the chats, at times cluttering your internal storage.
This can be configured by going to Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download and selecting your preference.Manage notifications of WhatsAppIf you are an active user of WhatsApp, your phone must at times ping constantly with new messages and notifications from the app. You can now disable your notifications of WhatsApp by going to the settings option and clicking on the Notifications section. The notifications can be turned on, off, or set to priority as per your preference.