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With Black Friday deals in full swing, several retailers are using the allure of a next-gen console restock to draw shoppers to their sales promotions. The likes of Walmart, Amazon and Sony Direct have already had PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock this week, and it looks like GameStop wont be far behind.The gaming specialty retailer has just dropped a cryptic tweet announcing that cool things will be happening in its store during Black Friday week. In fact, it claims that anyone who misses these things might end up being in-console-able. What could that mean?We've got some cool things in store for this week.

So cool in fact, that if you miss them, you might be in-console-able.Find a store near you: https://t.co/SSkVglzfBb pic.twitter.
com/dP9Vz6jwL5November 23, 2021Okay, so you dont need to be Sherlock Holmes to decipher the groanworthy pun. The social media post is a pretty clear indication that GameStop will be holding a series of in-store next-gen console restocks to mark Black Friday. The exact date and time of these restocks is currently unknown but we expect to see an update from the retailer fairly soon.A Black Friday restock wouldn't be the first in-store drop the retailer has held in 2021. GameStop has already offered both the PS5 and Xbox Series X in physical locations a handful of times over the last few months. These events have previously run smoothly, although queues have previously formed at some locations more than 24 hours before stock is due to be handed out.
The opportunity to buy a next-gen console this week would be well-timed as right now there are an enticing range of Black Friday PS5 deals and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals running across multiple retailers. These offers give you the chance to get a whole range of games and accessories for both consoles at significantly reduced prices.In fact, right now you can build library an incredible library of PS5 games for just $100, and you can do the same on Xbox Series X as well. If you still need that next-gen console under your television before building your library make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock hubs for the latest updates across all major retailers.