Twitter fixes disappearing tweets on iOS: All you need to know - The Indian Express

Source: The Indian Express

A Twitter bug would often leave users reading tweets with a refreshed feed abruptly. The persistent and frustrating issue was fixed for Twitter Web earlier this month with a new update. A fix is now being rolled out to iOS devices for the same problem.Apple iOS users will once again be able to scroll through their feed, stop on a tweet and read it without it randomly disappearing. Twitter addressed the same in a tweet itself. Check it out below.Twitter also revealed that the root of the issue was new replies being added to Twitter conversations, which would abruptly refresh the entire feed of the micro-blogging platform.

While iPhone and iPad users can now use the platform normally again, the company is yet to roll out a fix for the same issue on Android devices.Smartphones and tablets running on Android are still facing issues with Twitter where tweets can just disappear abruptly when youre trying to read them. A fix is expected to roll out soon, but there is no specific timeline for the same revealed yet.Twitter acknowledged the bug back in September and had stated that the app would roll out updates to how tweets are shown over the next two months.We have since seen the issue being fixed on the Web and iOS. Twitter will now allow users to manually refresh their feed by tapping on the tweet counter bar at the top of the timeline.
This will let users stay in control of when they want their feed to be refreshed.