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New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: German camera manufacturer Leica recently launched its latest M11 Black camera in India equipped with the latest design 60-megapixel camera. The Leica M11 Black camera comes with a refreshed interface and improved photo capabilities. The Leica M11 will come in black and silver chrome colour options. In the black version, Leica has given an aluminium top plate and scratch-resistant coating which makes it 20 per cent lighter than the silver chrome variant.Leica M11 camera is made from brass to give it a traditional look.

The black version camera weighs 530 grams, while the weight of Silver Chrome is 640 grams. The starting price of the Leica M11 camera is USD 8,999 (about Rs 6,66,300).Leica M11 Black Camera Features:The full-frame CMOS sensor in the camera is backside-illuminated, which works to reduce noise. With the BSI configuration, the M11 Black camera is more sensitive than the older M10 due to the high-resolution sensor ISO64. Due to which the camera can reach ISO 50000 in low light.
The sensor's triple resolution technology allows for 60MP, 36MP, or 18MP stills to be recorded with 14-bit colour.Triple resolution technology lets you choose the resolution you need without the drawbacks of cropping or shooting at low quality. The 60MP setting has the highest resolution for shooting fine detail and has a 14-stop dynamic range. The 36MP setting provides a superior 15 stops of dynamic range and well-controlled noise and the 18MP setting delivers great performance in low light with excellent noise performance and 15 stops of dynamic range.What's inside?The camera's new Maestro III processor triple resolution technology makes shooting and navigation faster.
The M11 camera can shoot continuously at 4.5 frames per second. This is the first M grade camera to come with an electric shutter. This shutter supports a shutter speed of 1/16,000 seconds. Leica has also refreshed the Visoflex 2 for the M11 and has also improved its EVF with a higher resolution of 3.7MP.The EVF tilts upwards of 90 for low-angle shooting and has an adjustable -4 to +3 diopters.
Features such as ultra-wide, telephoto and macro lenses have been provided in the camera. The camera has been introduced with M11 handgrip accessories. It has a built-in Arca-style mount. Also, M11 thumb support and M11 protector case are provided with the camera.Posted By: Talibuddin Khan