Does Your Upper Back Hurt With COVID-19? Back Pain - MedicineNet

Source: MedicineNet

What causes back pain with COVID-19?Back pain and other types of joint and muscle pain in COVID-19 are due to the virus triggering inflammatory processes in the body. The immune system releases interleukins that are proteins that help your body fight the virus.If you have back pain before COVID-19, it may be aggravated during infection due to two main reasons:

  • Decreased mobility during the isolation period or hospital stay (physical inactivity can cause stiffness and weakness and increase pain)
  • Treatments given for COVID-19 that can put stress on your musculoskeletal system and aggravate pain
Back pain is not always caused by COVID-19. If you have been working remotely at home, sitting for prolonged periods of time, poor posture, or lack of ergonomic equipment may be the cause of your back pain.
Moreover, you may have another issue such as spondylosis due to a disc bulge in the spine or a sports injury.What does back pain due to COVID-19 feel like?Back pain due to COVID-19 is different from the stabbing or throbbing pain caused by normal back pain abnormalities. It is also different from the soreness you would feel after an intense workout.COVID-19 back pain feels like cramps or spasms of the muscles, and may persist for several days or even months.