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With sirens going off through Thursday, third-year medical student from Kharkiv National Medical University Yashdeep Bidhan took refuge in a metro station near his residence. He was among thousands of people, including children, who slept fitfully at the metro station through the night.When things seemed calm at 8 am, Bidhan ventured out. I came back home. I wanted to charge my phone. Within a couple of hours, he heard a loud boom and his windows started shaking.

He rushed back to the metro station immediately.We could hear echoes of the blasts inside. One of my friends, who was at another metro station, saw a shell right outside when he was heading home in the morning. The university should have allowed us to leave earlier, he said.
Third and sixth year students of medical universities in Ukraine were scheduled to have an offline examination which, if they missed, they would have to repeat a year. (Read More)