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NATIONAL PROTEIN DAY 2022: When it comes to nutrients vital for the body, proteins enjoy the top-shelf status. It is one of the most essential nutrients, and its importance is reflected in the very origin Greek word protos, meaning first of its name. Our body needs protein to grow muscle, make hair, form antibodies, produce vital enzymes, develop connective tissues, and much more. February 27 is celebrated as National Protein Day to create awareness about this macronutrient and the consequences of the deficiency of it.As per experts and innumerable studies, there is a particular amount that one needs to consume to keep the balance of proportions of protein in the body.

As per that amount, a person is required to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight.So, for example, if a person weighs 90 kilos, they will need to consume 72 grams of protein each day, and if a person weighs 40 grams, then they will need to consume 40 grams of proteins each day.This amount is the minimum amount that the body requires to meet the protein requirements and keep the body healthy and immune to various illnesses. But, it is not necessary that a person cannot consume more than the said amount.Protein is beneficial if a person needs to gain body mass and strength. However, in this pursuit, it is also advised to not over-consume protein.
For example, in cases where people are trying to build muscles, protein can be taken more than what is recommended or required.According to dietary arithmetic, it is a healthy choice to concoct a protein package that is spaced out in meals throughout the day. And thats how proteins should be consumed. So rather than hoggin on this vital nutrient at once, you should consider spreading it evenly in your meals in a day.We hope that we were able to send across some vital information about proteins on National Protein Day.Read all the Latest News, Breaking News and Assembly Elections Live Updates here.