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As different nutrients work on different aspects of our health, Vitamin E is one such nutrient that is believed to be directly responsible for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Nowadays you also must have noticed beauty brands highlighting the benefits of this nutrient in commercials.Many brands claim that their product contains vitamin E which is also hailed as the beauty vitamin. According to experts, vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties which help in protecting cells, especially those in the skin, from damage.Moreover, when it comes to your hair, vitamin E is believed to be immensely effective in making them shiny and healthier. However, to divert into the benefits of the beauty vitamin, we have listed down some of the miraculous effects it can have on your skin and hair health.

  1. Anti-aging propertiesAs it protects the cells on your skin from damage and dying, consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin E can help delay the signs of aging on your skin.
    It increases the production of protein collagen and saves the skin from developing wrinkles and getting dull with time.
  2. Helps with stretch marksWhite stretch marks that develop due to overstretching of the skin are pretty common in people, especially women. Although these stretch marks are mostly permanent, applying some vitamin E oil on the spot can help lighten the marks and restore the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Hair growthVitamin E finds mentioned in almost every shampoo advertisement nowadays and this is due to its proven benefits for hair growth.
    Vitamin E improves the blood circulation in the body and thus in the scalp too. The improved supply of blood provides the hair strands with all the necessary nutrients required for hair growth. Moreover, it also tends to repair damaged and dry hair follicles as well.
  4. Split ends and Gray hairSplit ends are one of the most common damages done to the hair which bothers many people out there. But, massaging your scalp with some vitamin E oil mixed with some other oil like hemp or coconut, can prevent further damage.
    It will pamper the scalp and help repair the hair cuticles. Meanwhile, the antioxidants present in this vitamin also reduce the chances of premature graying of hair by preventing tissue disintegration.
  5. Clearer skinBeing an oil-based vitamin, Vitamin E can be effectively used in the deep cleaning of the skin. Applying small amounts of this oil on your skin and rubbing it, can help get rid of excess dirt and impurities. On the other hand, mixing Vitamin E oil with olive oil and applying it to dark spots on your skin helps lighten them up gradually.
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