Russian FM Sergei Lavrov says a third World War would involve nuclear weapons - Hindustan Times

Source: Hindustan Times

Russias foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that if a third World War happened, it would involve nuclear weapons and it would be destructive.According to a Reuters report, Lavrov said Russia would face a real danger if Kyiv acquired nuclear weapons, adding it would not allow the latter to obtain the same. The Kremlin launched a military offensive in Ukraine last week and has been bombarding its cities amid widespread global condemnation and unprecedented sanctions by the West.This came amid Russias claim that its military had taken control of territory around Ukraines Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant as diplomats held an emergency meeting to voice their mounting concern over safety as fighting escalated.

Live updates on Ukraine-Russia conflictUkrainian authorities said they maintained control of the plant itself and that a combat-ready military unit remained within the perimeter. Some residents from the nearby town of Enerhodar erected barricades to the plant, according to multiple online accounts.Russia has called its invasion of Ukraine a special operation to demilitarise and "denazify" the country, a justification dismissed by Kyiv and the West as propaganda.Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin placed the country's nuclear deterrent forces on a "special" alert.(With inputs from agencies)